Security Covid-19

Our priority: Health and Safety

It is clear that this new reality brings with it a great challenge, the first and fundamental one is to watch over our security, and we certainly assume our responsibility to take care of our team and our clients.

Our lives should not be paralyzed, this is also part of the changes that we have to face, and it is therefore essential to be able to live safely, and it is certainly possible, if we are responsible and we all do our part, we will succeed, and sooner rather than later, we will recover more and more our normality.

For all this, in Casalanz Real Estate we have adopted the necessary measures to be able to achieve it:

We are here to support our clients

We promote digital working and connecting, we have the resources and technology that allows it, we use digital technology registered and approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation.

Our offices, comply with the protocols of cleaning and disinfection, the company hired for the cleaning of our facilities is trained and certified for the development of its activity against the COVID 19.

We have physical and distance barriers, we have safety equipment for both our team and for customers.

We will promote the virtual visits, for the physical visits they will be realized by previous appointment and always with safety equipment that will be provided to the owners and clients before entering to every property, our personnel is due formed, they will advise you in the matter.

We take care of our elderly, if you are over 65, or sensitive .... please let us know before your visit, we will close the office or to attend you at the time you need.

Let's get back to our lives, let's be positive

By maintaining a responsible attitude we will acquire a positive spirit, step by step we will control this situation and return to normality.

This difficult situation that we have had to live will leave its mark on our society, we will value the little things that we did not see before, we will revise our priorities, and we will enjoy our lives more, if we know how to make our world a little better.

We are very grateful for your support, we really appreciate it and we will continue doing our best to give the best of services.

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